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Rive di Refrontolo

Refrontolo is in the heart of the finest Prosecco country, where some of the steepest hills in Italy create the most flavorful Glera grapes. The grapes love it here high above sea level, where they benefit from warm days, cool nights, and better drainage. These wondrous Glera grapes are meticulously hand-harvested, assuring only the finest grapes are used. It’s a tedious process on steep terrain, but when you taste the result, you’ll feel as we do — it’s worth it.

Tasting Notes

A green-flecked star-bright straw yellow ushers in fragrances of peach and acacia blossom mingling with Rennet apples and pear-like white-fleshed fruits. Invigorating freshness and a vibrant, caressing mouthfeel are framed by persistent streams of tiny bubbles that prolong and expand the rich array of sensory perceptions on the palate.

Pairing Notes

An excellent aperitif, the ideal partner for elaborate starters, and an outstanding accompaniment for crustaceans or top-quality fish.

The details make the difference

The cuvée (base wine) is transferred into pressure tanks to re-ferment at the particularly low temperature of 16 °C in order to preserve the aromatic potential of the base wine. It takes about a month for the wine to acquire the desired pressure and residual sugar. Once refermentation has been inhibited, the wine stays in the pressure tank in contact with the lees for about another three months before it is prepared for bottling.

Grapes: Glera

Production zone: Refrontolo, Treviso

Altitude: 655 - 820 ft. above sea level

Alcohol level: 11.5% vol.

Serving temperature: 46 - 50 °F

Recommended glass: Medium-sized, tulip-shaped, narrowing towards the rim

Type of soil: Morainic in origin, clay with strata of crumbly puddingstone conglomerate

Training systems: Sylvoz - Cappuccina

Plant density: 1,415 - 1,620 plants per acre

Harvest period: Second week of September

Aging potential: 2-3 years